Custom Development

Our highly-skilled,  New Zealand-based development team design and build new software or systems, or modify existing ones, just for you.

Custom Creations, For Unique Business Needs

Sometimes organisations have a unique quirk that can’t be met through standard solutions, ‘straight-out-of-the-box’.  Over the years, we've given our customers the kind of competitive advantages in their respective industries that most other development houses merely talk about. We've built and designed new software solutions and programs for our customers. We've also modified the standard suite of products that we support for most of them as well. 
Our development process ensures we have clearly specified parameters, from customer approval through to testing and implementation.  It is our development policy to use industry-standard tools (such as VB, .NET, etc), and we do not alter the back-end tables of the solutions in any way, thereby reducing the risk of ‘unsupportable’ solutions for customers, and paving the way for smooth product upgrades.  

The Details

Industry-standard tools such as .NET and VB

Minimised risk of 'unsupportable' solutions

Utilise an agile methodology

“With Sage, we could have a readily learn-able product that was easy to operate and suitable for a largely unskilled workforce. All that was required was assistance from Enabling to conduct some modest in-house development,”

Donald Shand – Director of Operations, Pact


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